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Words of Encouragement

Storm Survivors
Roman 8:28-30

Tragedies, illness, trials, death, pain, and confusion seems to swirl around us. It seems like we go through one storm after another. Storms just keep coming. At times we may be warned or storms may come unexpectedly. We search for an anchor or rock to keep us together but the waves of trouble, heartache, and pain sweep over our souls. Storms are coming but what do we do? What do we do when the hurricanes of death, tornadoes of stress, showers of loneliness, hail of illness, and sleet of doubt come through?

In the text, Paul was reminding the Roman Christians with a promise that “ God works all things together …” In other words, God can take all the circumstances of life, both good and bad, both sweet and bitter, and blend them together into a wonderful thing. God can take all of life and turn it into a situation that works for our good and for God’s glory.

Paul did not mean that every circumstance we are in is going to be or feel good, because bad things will still happen. Paul meant that in spite of our circumstance we are to still hang on to hope and put our trust in God. God allows suffering for His purpose. When God allows a time of sorrow, pain, or suffering in our lives, God will work it out for God’s glory. Scripture does not say, we had to like it, but we should strive to be thankful anyway! When life takes a negative turn, God can turn heartaches into blessings.

In conclusion, Trust God, if we can trust God for eternity than certainly we can trust God for other things. God saves us through God’s love by sending us a Savior to save us from the storms of life. Jesus can handle any kind of storm that comes our way. He can be our shelter in times of storms. He can be our anchor and our rock that will hold us together. Do not give up because you are a storm survivor!

Be Blessed !

Arlinda D. Lindsay


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